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Max Mara S.r.l.

Registered offices at Via Giulia Maramotti 4, 42124, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Tel. +39 0522 3991

Economic and Administrative Index (REA): Reggio Emilia No. 182471 Registry of Companies of RE, Tax code and VAT no. 01397620350, EU VAT code IT01397620350

Fully paid-in share capital €13,000,000.00

Single-member company in the Max Mara Group


Online sales in Italy:

Diffusione Tessile S.r.l.

Registered offices at Via Santi 8, 42025, Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), Italy, Tel. +39 0522 152 0069

Economic and Administrative Index (REA): Reggio Emilia No. 156506 Registry of Companies of RE, Tax code and VAT no. 01044120358, EU VAT code IT01044120358

Fully paid-in share capital €2,500,000

Single-member company in the Max Mara Group


Online sales in Europe:

EShopWorld VAT. IE9740240D


Online sales in Canada:

Torontomax, Inc.
Registered offices at 151 Bloor Street West, Set 601, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, phone: 866-676-2962
Torontomax Inc. Federal Business registration Nr: 10532 4156 RT 0001


Online sales in USA:

MaxMara Retail-Ltd
Registered offices at 555 Madison Ave, 10th FL,10022, New York, New York, USA, phone: (212) 536-6200
ID Nr: 13-3676407

Share capital USD 41.280,260   


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Max Mara USA Inc. is committed to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct
and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This report is to affirm
MaxMara USA and its subsidiary TorontoMax Inc., aim to reach a full compliance with
the requirements outlined in section 11 of the Fighting Against Forced Labour and
Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (the “Act”). For the remainder of the report the
term "MaxMara" will refer to both MaxMara USA and its subsidiary.

About MaxMara
MaxMara is part of an international group of 9 brands founded in 1951. Passion,
commitment and tradition have created a unique fashion style: today 9 Main Brands
and more than 60 different Collections find common ground in quality, style and
respect for the distinctive feature that make Max Mara Fashion Group one of the most
famous worldwide. Max Mara USA trades in Canada 5 brands under the business name
TorontoMax with its head office at 151 Bloor Street West, Ste. 601, Toronto, ON.

Supply Chain
MaxMara has been careful in the selection of materials and suppliers, aiming to offer
quality products increasingly respectful of both people and the environment. Its
supply chain is complex and multifaceted, involving various stages from raw materials
sourcing to production, distribution and retail. To them, the Company requests as part
of the contractual agreements the respect of national and international laws and
minimum requirements in terms of employees’ rights. In the same contract, it is
specifically required to suppliers, to extend the same principle to all those with whom
they do business, including employees, sub-contractors and other third parties.
The majority of the products available for sale in Canada are primarily sourced from
the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

Risks in Supply Chain
An initial analysis of potential risks in the supply chain brought out that risks linked to
the supply chain may be identified in two major categories: Labor risks and
Technological/Regulatory risks.
A. Labor risks:
- Forced and child labour: in particular, in countries with less stringent labor laws
- Worker exploitation: issues such as poor working conditions, unfair wages or
excessive working hours
- health and safety: workers may be exposed to unsafe working environments
B. Technological/Regulatory risks:

- Supply chain visibility: lack of transparency and traceability can lead to inefficiencies
and ethical violations
- Changing regulations: rapid changes in regulations related to sustainability, labor
practices and trade can create compliance challenge.

Actions Taken
In the previous financial year, the Company set out a list of priority actions to face
risks of violation of Human Rights throughout its directly linked suppliers. In doing so,
- Reviewed available and influential literature dedicated to child and forced labor
- Mapped out the whole Tier 1 and Tier 2 level of the supply chain
- Conducted an internal assessment of risks of forced labor and/or child labor in the
organization’s activities gathering information from suppliers. This survey gathered
detailed information on various aspects such as labor practices and working
conditions. The self-assessment served as a preliminary tool to gauge suppliers'
compliance and identifying potential areas needing improvement.

Risk Assessment
As said before, the Tier 1 and Tier 2 level of supply chain are mainly based in Europe
& Eurasia, North Africa and South & Central Asia. On our view, based on the initial risk
assessment, there are currently no indications of child labor within our supply chain.
We are committed to deepening our analysis in the coming years to ensure the
continued integrity and ethical standards of our operations.

Remediation Measures
Max Mara has established a comprehensive whistleblowing procedure, empowering all
individuals, from employees to suppliers, to report any issue or concern related to the
organization, thereby promoting transparency and accountability.

Effectiveness Assessment
MaxMara has not yet conducted an effectiveness assessment, as some of the
processes, policies and protocols were implemented in the past year and this project
is still in its early stages. However, the assessment will be an integral part of our
future program, ensuring thorough evaluation and continuous improvement the
Company's supply chain practices.